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Like us, you may feel bombarded by bad news from around the world and wish for more stories of hope and positivity. To this end, we reached out to some of our Best Workplaces™ to ask them to share with our Great Place to Work® community the measures they have put in place to support both their people and their business during this difficult time.

What we heard back greatly encourages us. These are businesses and organizations that place people before profits and this commitment shines through at times like this.

For this week’s instalment, we turn our eyes to another veteran of the Best Workplaces Lists globally , DHL Express Singapore. DHL has also recently been ranked first on our 2020 Asia Best Workplaces List.

In this critical global health crisis, Logistics services and their worldwide network play an important role – whether it is by sending emergency medical equipment and supplies to healthcare workers; delivering necessity goods to private customers; or by finding solutions for companies to continue their operations.

With it being a multinational company that operates globally, epidemic and pandemic risk scenarios are an integral part of the Group’s continuous risk planning. The Group follows a holistic management process that enables their business units to ensure the best possible operations for their customers even in an emergency. As a company within the group, this holds true for DHL Express Singapore as well.

However, this is not without its challenges.

United As One

The recent movement control order (MCO) announced by Malaysia caught many of their Malaysian colleagues off guard, especially those who had to commute daily for work from across the Causeway.

In response to this, their management, supported by HR colleagues, quickly jumped into action to secure accommodation for those who decided to remain in Singapore for the MCO period. On top of the paid accommodation, they also received a one-time necessities allowance of $150 and a daily allowance of $50.

An alternative work location in Johor Bahru was also sourced for another group of affected personnel who are able to perform their work remotely. Their colleagues in DHL Express Malaysia graciously offered a work area at the Gateway to enable this group to continue performing their duties in the comfort of another DHL Express facility. Within a day’s work, all arrangements to support their affected employees were planned and underway. Wow, talk about efficiency!

In the words of DHL Express Singapore, “this was a true display of our As One spirit, not just within DHL Express Singapore but also with our neighbours in the DHL global network. Special appreciation goes out to all our employees who chose duty over self to ensure that we are able to help our customers to keep their businesses going.”

Such kind sentiments are equally held by DHL Express employees.

“Thank you for the management, who managed to figure out an alternative option especially for Malaysians. It was not easy seeing my own family members pack and go. DHL here (Southern Malaysia Gateway) looks cool and comfortable.”

Tinushena A/P Shunmuganathan, Customer Contact Centre Advisor who had to be with her family back in Malaysia when the MCO came into effect but have not faced disruption as she is able to continue servicing our Singapore customers from the interim office @ Southern Malaysia Gateway.

“I am very proud and grateful to be a part of DHL Express especially during situations like now. The company went through the trouble of booking accommodations for all the Malaysian employees who chose and are required to work from Singapore. On top of that, the company also went to the extent of securing an office in Senai for some employees’ convenience, particularly those who required to work for business reason but had to remain in Johor Bahru. This shows the company’s commitment towards the employees and customers. Proud and very happy to be working with a good company and management who is with the right mindset.”

Vickneswaran A/L Nallasamy, Senior Customer Contact Centre Advisor

Loy See Jia (COSA)
Loy See Jia DHL Express

Loy See Jia, Customer Operations Support Agents (COSA)

Ensuring Business Continuity

In line with DPDHL’s mission of “Connecting People, Improving Lives” ,  DHL takes pride in being an exemplary corporate citizen and in motivating their employees to serve a greater purpose.

This mission statement has since taken on an especially poignant meaning in recent times. In this time of global crisis where movement of goods is greatly affected by border restrictions and national lockdowns, DHL Express remains committed in continuing to ensure that emergency and healthcare supplies get delivered and that their customers are able to receive the very best operations that they can possibly provide.

Their ability to continue doing so is possibly owed in part to their keen foresight early on. As early as January, when the situation first came to light, they began implementing precautionary measures and issuing health advisories to their employees. Adopting a Safety First approach, their Environmental Health and Safety committee took swift action prior to the Lunar New Year break to provide hand sanitisers and to step up cleaning at common areas.

ESC Courier Mask + Sanitise DHL Great Place To work
TS Cleaning DHL Great Place to Work

Advisories were also sent to employees to remind them about the importance of practising good personal hygiene, particularly during the festive period where there is usually a lot of social gatherings.

To mentally prepare their colleagues for possible disruptions to their work, they then started a Team Split trial over 2 weeks in February. This allowed their colleagues to simulate and get accustomed to working remotely and in split teams while still under a more exploratory circumstance.

All in all, such efforts boosted the confidence and morale of the team in their ability to handle the upcoming challenges and uncertainty. At present, Split Team and Work from Home arrangements are in place until 4 May, and may be extended even beyond the Circuit Breaker period in order to safeguard the well-being of their employees.


Supporting Vulnerable Groups

NCSS dHL Great Place to Work

In a bid to aid existing community efforts, DHL Express Singapore also supported National Council of Social Services (NCSS) in their distribution of protective supplies to social service agencies island-wide. More than 250 cartons were picked up and delivered to social service agencies to help them, and the communities they serve, combat COVID-19.

A huge thank you to our partner, DHL Express Singapore, for sharing such an inspiring story with us. We believe that we are not alone in saying that we are so heartened when we see organizations, such as yours, rise up to the challenge and become a strong pillar of support to local communities even in such tumultuous times.

If you too would like to send a social-distance-appropriate hug to our noble delivery workers or would like to share with the Great Place to Work® community about your company’s initiatives to combat the virus, please reach out to us at

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